Monday, 9 January 2017

Integrated Management System ISO 9001 Perfect For SMEs

There's this myth going around that International Standards and their related management systems are only for big business. Wrong! Not only are they very accessible to smaller organisations, but they are also the most suitable management systems for SMEs.

Why? Because ISO management systems all run on similar principles so, if you have one, it's relatively simple to add another. Better still, you can actually implement Integrated Management System ISO 9001 and cover all your needs in one move.

Reduce Documentation

Integrated Management System ISO 9001 is fantastic for SMEs, because it reduces documentation and duplication, thereby freeing up more time for the 'important' issues - like spending time with your family!

It is also more likely to save the business money, by removing repetitive actions, and help the business better meet its legislative requirements.

Boost Your Reputation

Integrated Management System ISO 9001 has quality assurance as its base, helping the organisation to 'get it right first time, every time'. This will improve the business's reputation, boost customer numbers, and reduce wastage.

Organisations can then add to this base, to cover all their management system needs. For example, ISO 9001 works very well with ISO 14001 environmental management, and OHSAS workplace safety management.

Integrated Management System Training

To enable businesses to smoothly make the transition, integrated management system training is recommended. Through this training, business owners and employees will see how the systems work together to save time and money.

A prime example is the recent amendments to both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Some of these amendments are closely related, or even the same, but you only need to change one system if they are integrated.

Make the Move in 2017

Most organisations also choose to implement specific training in some areas, such as workplace safety, and this is easily arranged through your provider. For example, OHSAS 18001 training may be required as a refresher, or for new employees.

For any organisation hoping to take better control during 2017, integrated management system ISO 9001 is highly recommended.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Using Environmental Awareness Training To Spread The Word

Implementing Environmental Management System ISO 14001 really is a win-win for all concerned. Without doubt, it's a winner for the environment as, by lessening the impact of business and industry, it gives the environment a better chance of survival.

But it is also a positive for the business itself, and for its community. In fact, there really are no negatives as far as Environmental Management System ISO 14001 and environmental awareness training is concerned.

Lead by Example

We've all heard the phrase, 'lead by example', and that's exactly what environmentally responsible organisations can do. First and foremost, they are implementing policies, procedures and targets that will reduce their impact on the natural environment, reduce the risk of pollution and minimise climate change.

By doing this, they are also going to benefit themselves, by reducing waste and energy usage - and therefore cost; boosting their reputation - and therefore their customer numbers, and finding more cost-effective ways of working.

Encouraging Better Environmental Practices

The third major advantage is that they are setting an example to their employees, and their families, and to the community. By encouraging good environmental practices within the workplace, they are motivating their employees to become more eco-minded, and that's a lesson those employees will share with their children, thus improving the future for everyone.

Organisations that implement Environmental Management System ISO 14001 are also more likely to work with the local community to spread the message and encourage better eco practices.

Minimise Our Impact

The main purpose of environmental awareness training is to alert people to the importance of protecting our environment, now and into the future. It's about reducing our use of natural resources - and encouraging others to do the same, and doing all we can to minimise our impact on the planet.

Consumers can support and encourage this by choosing products and services from organisations with Environmental Management System ISO 14001 in place.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Why Choose Integrated Management System ISO 9001 Training

'My business is small, with less than 10 employees - why would I need an Integrated Management System?'

It might surprise you to learn that Integrated Management Systems - IMS - are every bit as useful, if not more, to SMEs. It's understandable that you might consider an IMS something only a large company would need, but you would be mistaken.

Your business, whatever its size, runs on systems, right? Production systems, pay systems, ordering systems, some form of workplace safety system - you've probably got all those. And what about quality assurance and control?

Benefits of an IMS

If you've answered yes to that, then you most certainly would benefit from an IMS and Integrated Management System ISO 9001 training.

An IMS takes all your different systems and combines them to form one efficient, manageable framework, within which you can also forward plan in order to stay on track. This will reduce duplication and documentation, save money and, most importantly for a small business owner, save you time.

Integrated Management System ISO 9001 takes quality assurance as its basis, putting tools in place to ensure your products or services are consistently good and right first time, every time. That consistency will give you a more competitive edge and grow your market share.

Major Advantages

When you consider it, there are many crossovers between management systems, as well as common goals, so it makes sense to reduce the red tape and operate within a single framework.

There's something else, too, that can be a major advantage. Achieving Integrated Management System ISO 9001 certification better qualifies a small business to become a supplier to a bigger company, or to bid for government tenders, thus opening up a new and potentially profitable income stream.

So, in short, if more money, more time and more opportunities for growth sound good, then yes, you should be considering Integrated Management System ISO 9001 training.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Lead Auditor Training In Brisbane A Smart Move For New Career

With so many jobs being automated these days, it can be hard to make a career choice. But there are certain professions that are now experiencing increased demand for personnel, and one of those is auditing.

In many countries, such as the USA, auditing is amongst the five most in-demand jobs right now. Just recently on Linkedin, an article stated that auditors have never been in more demand.

Let's look at why. Firstly, it's a job that is hard to automate. Auditing requires excellent observation and analytical skills, specialist knowledge, an understanding of the law, and a solutions-driven mentality.

Huge Demand

Secondly, there is an increasing uptake in ISO management systems and certification, which is sparking a huge demand for ISO Lead Auditor training. ISO - the use of International Standards to manage business procedures - is a very specialised area, demanding not only training in auditing techniques, but also an excellent knowledge of Standards, and the particular disciplines they cover.

For example, a lead auditor specialising in ISO 14001 would need to fully understand sound environmental management, including legal requirements, as well as the auditing process itself.

Option To Specialise

The job of lead auditor carries much responsibility and, as such, is quite well paid. It also allows specialisation in areas of interest, such as workplace health and safety, or quality assurance.

Excellent lead auditor training is available in Brisbane, at SC Training Centre, with an outstanding success rate - largely because the company is an expert in ISO, and only employs current lead auditors as trainers.

Career Boost

It has the added bonus of being Exemplar Global-certified, a fact that will make your new resume as a lead auditor shine!

ISO Lead Auditor training is definitely worth serious consideration if you are looking for a new career that pays well and has the potential to take you around the world. You'll gain specialist knowledge and certification, and that's well worth the investment.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Take The Plunge With ISO Lead Auditor Training

If you are considering a career as an ISO Lead Auditor, or you simply want to expand your auditing knowledge by undergoing further training, now is a great time to make the first move.

With more and more organisations worldwide seeking ISO certification, the demand for ISO Lead Auditors is growing, offering excellent career opportunities.

Your first step to boosting your qualifications is to undertake ISO Lead Auditor Training, an opportunity that is available to anyone. There are a variety of courses from which to choose, but I would generally recommend finding an Exemplar Global-certified trainer.

Job With Responsibility

Whereas internal auditors are employed by individual businesses, and report to management, lead auditors work for certification bodies, and must ascertain whether an organisation has satisfied all the necessary criteria to achieve accreditation.

It is a job with responsibility, and requires the student to fully understand the purpose of ISO management systems and how they work. A lead auditor must be able to plan and conduct interviews with management, study and assess an organisation's policies and procedures, gather information, and suggest ways to improve performance.

Understanding ISO 9001

So, for example, to become an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor you would need a thorough understanding of the ISO itself, as well as Quality Management Systems.

The ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor course uses a step by step approach over 5 days, to give the trainee all the skills required to carry out a full external audit.

If you're looking for lead auditor training in Brisbane, SC Training Centre offers a comprehensive 5-day course, with the next one taking place in October.

Next Course Booking Now

The course is in module format, with the first two days providing an introduction to auditing management systems and focusing on the skills required. Days 3 and 4 focus on ISO 9001 itself, and specific issues relating to quality assurance, while day 5 looks at lead auditor requirements and the certification process.

At the end of the course successful trainees receive a Certificate of Attainment and automatically qualify as a Provisional Auditor with Exemplar Global.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Why Businesses Choose Quality Assurance Training In Brisbane

There's an old saying that suggests you 'get what you pay for'. I've always taken this to mean that the more money you spend, the better the quality will be. And there is some truth to this. For example, I could buy a pair of boots made from man-made materials or, for more money, I could buy leather boots. Obviously the leather boots will last longer, making them the better buy.

However, having said that, the consumer should be able to expect quality either way, as it is the manufacturer's job to provide a quality product that is fit for use.

Fulfilling that function is getting harder in many ways, as increased competition sees organisations cutting their prices to attract customers. And when they cut prices, they are cutting profit, so they may cut corners - and that's when we often see a fall in quality.

Poor Quality Loses Customers

The irony is that by selling poor quality goods, they are likely to lose that customer to the opposition anyway!

A better option is to consider quality assurance training in Brisbane, and the adoption of an ISO 9001 Quality Management System. This shows businesses how they can put systems in place that keep the quality of their products consistently good, whilst reducing costs, waste and duplication.

What's more, and perhaps the most important point of all, is that gaining ISO 9001 certification is the cherry on top when it comes to improving an organisation's reputation and growing its customer base.

With ISO 9001 Quality Management stamped on your business, you are telling the world that you care about quality, and you don't want to provide your customers with anything less.

Accessible And Cost Effective

Quality assurance training in Brisbane is both accessible and cost-effective - one suggestion would be to go through SC Training Centre - and will bring real results and improvement. Soon you will discover that your organisation is running smoother and more productively, that your costs are going down, and your customers and profits are going up.

Organisations like SC Training Centre also offer internal auditor and ISO 9001 lead auditor training, as this plays a vital role in achieving success.

It is up to an organisation's internal auditors to ensure systems are working and that the results are good. Internal auditing is a crucial management tool in quality assurance.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Book Now For Quality Assurance Training Courses In Brisbane

Quality is a word we hear a lot of these days. We read about quality homes, and quality food and wine, quality appliances, and so on. It's a word which we take to mean something that is top notch, hard to beat, and worth the money.

But how do we measure quality? For a business to measure quality, there are several related approaches. The starting point is implementing a quality assurance management system.

There is a difference between quality assurance and quality control. Whilst quality control - checking the quality of products after they've been produced - is essential, the aim of quality assurance is to remove the risk of things going wrong in the first place.

Quality Assurance vs Quality Control

Quality assurance training courses in Brisbane are helping organisations understand the difference, and implement the policies and procedures needed to consistently offer quality goods and services. By doing this, an organisation can reduce its costs, improve its reputation, satisfy existing customers and attract new customers.

With a quality assurance management system in place, an organisation can implement internal auditing procedures, and work towards ISO accreditation.

Management system consultants, such as SC Training Centre in Brisbane, offer a range of courses on quality assurance, including internal auditing courses, and QMS ISO 9001 lead auditor training courses.

Proactive Quality Planning

Quality assurance puts the emphasis on proactive business planning, whereas quality control is a reactive process. Quality assurance involves putting procedures in place that will better ensure the production of acceptable quality products.

Quality assurance auditors don't look at the finished product, but rather the manufacturing processes it went through. In this way an organisation may be able to improve its manufacturing process, perhaps making it quicker, or more environmentally sound, or safer.

Implementing an ISO integrated management system will help you reduce duplication and documentation throughout this process.